Sanuk Games is a small studio with a team of veteran programmers, artists and designers. We produce casual and midcore games on all platforms, some developed for 3rd party publishers and some published on our own. We tackle ports of existing games as well as original creations.

Sanuk Games was founded in 2003 in Bangkok, Thailand. It is supported by Thailand's Board of Investment, and is a proud founding member of the Thai Game Association. A second office was opened in France in the Rhône-Alpes region in 2009 to handle worldwide publishing activities, and is a member of the local cluster Imaginove.

To date, we have released over 70 games (and over 200 different SKUs!).

Yan Marchal, Founder & CEO   linkedin-button facebook-button-transparent-background

Yan joined in the game industry in 1996, as a programmer at Ubisoft in Paris.
In 2003, with no business experience whatsoever, he decided to give a shot at entrepreneurship anyway. He jumped without a parachute and eventually landed in Bangkok, where he started Sanuk Games, which he's been managing ever since.